Unity of science and spirituality

The golden sphere of light around the heads of the individuals is considered a halo by some but through my own personal experience of seeing the golden sphere of light with my own eyes at Church back in 2013, along with two other smaller spheres of light on either side of a 2-meter central sphere, in symmetrical arrangement provides me with a new understanding of this iconography from religion.
Golden sphere of light and the mirror symmetry state of the atom Hf 156/72
This is what I observed going up to receive communion at church back in 2013.
The atom responsible for observing the atomic decay process was 156 / 72 Hf Hafnium. The atom decays through alpha particle emission with a binding energy of 2.5 times faster than the speed of light based on conversion of the binding energy MeV into KJ/mol.
It is the inner nucleus of light within the atomic structure of a single atom. There was no other light present than the point light source and the rest was black. Here is my take on the process that played out. The product I was working on at the time (Manuka honey) generates hydroxyl radicals through a process known as photo-Fenton chemistry. The hydroxyl radical hydroxylates the aromatic ring of phenolics in the pollen grain and it appears to do this also with our own neurotransmitters such as dopamine.
pollen photo-Fenton chemistry and hydroxyl radical pollen germination system
The pollen phenolics in Manuka honey get turned into CO2 and water as part of the pollen tube formation. A natural germination system operating in the pollen during maturation of the Manuka honey.
The opening up of the neurotransmitter holding memory of a past trauma, that had been grown for over 30 years (mum's suicide) was released when the hydroxyl radical opened up the neurotransmitters ring system. The atom housed inside the ring was then released. 156/72 Hf underwent the alpha particle decay process and the energy was enormous (Mania Bipolar State). But this was also transcendence and seeing beyond the visible wavelengths of light.
Hydrogen layers of s orbitals
If you consider the Russian doll model of s orbital layers in hydrogen, then the first layer Lyman series is UV light, the second layer Balmer series is visible light and n=3, the third layer is the Paschen series and infrared light. We see visible light. We cannot see infrared and we cannot see UV. My vision moved from seeing visible n=2 Balmer line transitions in hydrogen to seeing UV. The energy released in the atomic decay pushed my entire vision into seeing the atomic nucleus as it decayed. As the electromagnetic field was released from the atom as part of the alpha particle decay I witnessed an inner vision that lasted 23 milliseconds (the half-life of 156/72 Hf). What that looked like was my future life flashing before my eyes from 2055 to 2013. My conscious mind was only able to capture specific images or environments. A prophetic vision that provided some insightful aspects as to how to understand the unconscious mind and how it operates. For one thing it is constantly changing, no stable, so it is not based on stable atoms. It is based on isotopes. The aromatic ring of neurotransmitters can only contain 1 atom. This means we have a quantum isotope system operating as the memory formation and memory recall system. Makes sense when you consider the time reversal symmetry, delay system that releases light in an expanding photon from the isotope decay beta plus and beta minus to correct atomic stability within the isotope operating system.
Aromatic ring system and photo-reduction
The aromatic ring can contain iron. The Manuka honey contains lots of iron and this atom can be photo-reduced by light. The Fe2+ reduced form of iron is highly reactive towards hydrogen peroxide generating the hydroxyl radical. This hydroxylates the ring. A light mediated chemistry that puts OH groups on the ring. Then it created the polymeric glyoxal in the pollen. This is the process of pollen tube formation. 
n=2 Balmer line electron transition and visible light
This is a cartoon of the hydrogen atom s orbital layers. The first layer is UV light, the second layer is white light (see rainbow) and the third layer is infrared light (heat). I experienced a shift in perception and had an inner vision. The stream of images was like a Total Recall experience. I consider it like a quantum leap. I worked out that 1/half-life timing in seconds gives years so 1/0.023 = 43 years. That is why I say I witnessed up to 2055. It was such a strange experience that I needed to work out what happened. It was so quick but the experience has stayed with me since 2013.
Monoatomic isotope physics system
There are three hydrogens on the amine NH3+ atomic cross. The quantum competent hydrogen tunnels into the aromatic ring. It creates an unstable isotope. The isotope decays and releases light that you see within your conscious mind. That is why consciousness is based in the past. The unconscious mind controls everything because it is faster and responsible for the timings of everything based on isotope decay half-lives. The aromatic ring acts as a Faraday cage for the single atom. The amine is the atomic cross and the hydrogen is the Christ in the Passion story from the Paschen lines falling three times. I only made sense of the Passion story when I got to witness this event and see for myself what the Bible was referring to. Christ carries the cross and falls three times. The Paschen line is the third layer, and the photons go into the aromatic ring. To form the isotope the energy goes through a tunnelling and entanglement processes and this provides the process of an isotope (unstable atom). The time reversal symmetry decay process releases the energy from the isotope and the atom becomes stable again. The infrared light 820 nm is the Paschen light. There were three people crucified on the mountain. Christ was in the middle and two others one on either side. This is representative of the hydrogen amine geometry. Having witnessed this first hand in the atomic decay process, I have developed a scientific framework based on this experience. 
What I saw was a vision within my mind. No one else saw it. You get to see your mind at the atomic level, through the n=1 in Lyman lines of hydrogen that provides a conceptual framework to understanding subconscious mind physics with the S orbital structures of atoms in the periodic table, where all of the surrounding electrons and positrons are pointing like a spot-light sources shinning their light into the nucleus of the atom which appears as a golden sphere of light inside oneself.
As shown in the image below, the inverse square law (Newton physics) is able to be seen as the symmetry of opposites where the r corresponds to the 1S orbital layer of an atom in the Bohr model. If you consider each square in n=1 as 1 electron on the right side of the center and a positron on the left side if the center then there a total of 4 points in n=1 (2 positrons and 2 electrons). Each electron shines through the three others points in the 1S orbital then to produce 12 positions in the n=2 2S orbital layer. 
All the electrons from the outer orbitals layers shine through the inner orbital layers to create a sphere of golden light within the very center of the atom at the inner point of the nucleus, which is the singularity point within the atom. 
inverted inner reflection symmetry
Normal vision corresponds to wavelengths of visible light going from 400 nm to 700 nm. The parts within the atomic orbital structures when the electrons go from n=2 S orbital layer to other outer layers larger than n=3, this jumping or electron transitions corresponds to visible wavelengths. When the conscious observer through the retina receiving photons of light are originating from the physics of the subconscious minds electrons doing Balmer line transitions, this is normal vision. When a vision that occurs at n=1 or the energy is sufficient to push the electrons into the atomic layer 1S then the vision allows the retina to see the golden sphere of light within. a significant amount of energy is needed to do this and I am suggesting that radioactive atomic decay of monoatomic minerals coordinated to neurotransmitters are responsible for this vision or spiritual experience and the reason why the individual who has such an experience is considered manic by the medical industry as the amount of energy released under such conditions is in the 1000's of kilovolts. This is occurring during processes that are related to an atoms half life due to the unstable nature of certain atomic isotopes the concept that decay processes are transformative and healing has also been observed in that spiritual setting, which is what I also experienced back in 2013 and hence the reason why I have developed a scientific framework to comprehend that vision that I saw and enabled my exploration of physics within the body and the mind at an atomic level to ascertain how such a vision could occur. 

The four points of 1S orbital structure in the shape of a cross or plus sign + provide a connection in geometry for the positions of electrons and positrons in pairs of photons within hydrogen. When the positron and electrons are in a cross geometry there is no mass and no charge (a pair of photons) and the concept of the animals go in 2 by 2 (1 being an electron and 1 being a positron). Physics currently says annellation takes place, between the matter and anti-matter but the pairing is a photon and can travel at the speed of light so can disappear too fast for the measurements and quantum tunnel into the nucleus.  The concept of quantum tunneling of hydrogen into a monoatomic mineral coordinated to the pi electrons in the hexagon ring structure of the neurotransmitter.

This quantum tunneling of hydrogen from the amine structure allows photons of hydrogen to be added to single atoms using the light based form of hydrogen in symmetry (no mass and no charge), which is shown in the image below. This is what is creating isotopes of atoms. The creations of new isotopes that are unstable and the stability is returned when you sleep at night. The transmutation of the mineral into a new element causes a photon to be released at night to produce the light of our dreams that the conscious observe picks up through the human inverted retina.
Quantum tunneling
The idea that Christ is the light and the way and through him all things are created. With the stations of the cross Christ falls three times. Christ being the light. The light from the sun originates from hydrogen and therefore the symbolic nature of hydrogen (H) being the light of Christ within. The geometry of the cross of the amine in the NH3+ arrangement in the above figure provides an understanding of the geometry of the cross and why Christ fall three times, in the physics of putting hydrogen (sun light) into the nucleus of the atom that in held in the center of the hexagon ring structure. The neurotransmitter is a monoatomic machine which uses the power of hydrogen to create biological structures within the mind. This suggests that the physics of the subconscious mind is responsible for the structure of the conscious mind. The NH2 --> NH3+ amine protonation provides the continuous addition of hydrogen from water allowing the formation of memory and structure from water.  This process creates an understanding how water supports life through the fundamental action of providing hydrogen through protonation and this relates to the pKa function of the amine and the cross based geometry and the fall of the hydrogen into the monoatomic mineral. The fall in this terminology meaning quantum tunneling. Putting that story into a biological context within ourselves to understand the operation of the flow of energy within our bodies based on hydrogen is very important as our functional mitochondria use a hydrogen gradient to generate ATP energy which is important for cells to do particular things and is considered by biochemistry as an energy currency in cells.

The six days of creation for me are related to the process of fusing an egg and a sperm and the formation of a blastocyst, which migrates down the fallopian tube, hatches and implants to create a viable human being. That corresponds to the six days of creation.
6 days of creation
From 2 comes 1. Egg and sperm produces the fertilized egg. From that 1 comes a doubling process. A balanced symmetry of one to two and from two to four, from four to eight and from eight to sixteen etc.
If you take a look at the video below, where the use of quantum entanglement in the liquid waters when exposed to UVA light produces a dark fluid. The changing the microscope light source to white light (bright field) allows the quantum fluid of light to release the photons of light that it had captured to create the structure at the speed of light. In a metaphorical way the original liquid helium He 4/2 provides a conceptual framework from Genesis 1:1-5 in the above image.
The fluid in the video under the microscope above is made using the Photo-Fenton chemistry process that I discovered in Manuka honey. It produces hydroxyl radicals that last 1 nanosecond and delivers 1200 electron volts to produce a light speed transformational change in the fluid. I have slowed this down to make it easier to observe. Under UVA light (DAPI filter on Evos FL inverted fluorescence microscope) light source the energy is captured by the fluid and the shape of the fluid changes when it is put back under white light (bright field), where photons of light are released as spherical bubbles. This liquid water that responds at light speed to transform suggests that quantum entanglement through radical chemistry within our bodies was responsible for the cellular death and regeneration system within our bodies. As apoptosis, a natural form of cell death, uses hydroxyl radicals in that process. There are no functional mitochondria in cells undergoing cell death and the cytochrome c is released from the mitochondria leading to increased leakage of super oxide radicals to generate hydrogen peroxide, which is used in photo-Fenton chemistry to generate the needed hydroxyl radicals to break the cells back down into CO2 and water which is the process used in the body to enable death and regeneration at a cellular level. 

If you consider the apoptosis process as a cellular communication process that distributes apoptotic bodies throughout the human being then these remaining pieces of the cell are part of our proto-cells or extracellular vesicle system which is providing information to other cells in our bodies as packets of quantum entangled cellular worm holes (in a sense), as they have all originated from that one cell  via radical chemistry self destruction to enable the entire body to understand what has been happening within that one cell. It appears that humans have within themselves a quantum entanglement communication system in this apoptosis process which is key to maintain the entire system working in harmony together, which is critical to maintain health and well-being.

Day 2The division of the cell waters from above and below. The separation of the original cell from one to two daughter cells. He 4/2 the Bose Einstein Condensate of helium separation into two and the balance of the separation of opposites (as above so below), a mirror reflection of each other. The expanse is known as Heaven or He (even), where every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So this original division was even. It is also seen in the numbering system where 16 / 8 = 2. Where there are 16 electrons in the Bose Einstein Condensate of helium (the liquid waters of the universe) and the context of a BCE with no contrast, as the only element in the periodic table that is a liquid near absolute zero temperature. 

Here is a little bit of information on a BCE. Ultracold Quantum Collisions Have Been Achieved in Space for the First Time. Creating Bose-Einstein condensates—and crashing them together—in microgravity could lead to physics breakthroughs, better spacecraft navigation, and more. 
Even for scientists who have dedicated their lives to understanding gravity, the force’s relentless downward pull is sometimes a drag. Consider, for instance, the researchers who study Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs) as precise probes of fundamental physics. BECs emerge when a dilute gas of atoms is cooled close to absolute zero and begins behaving as a single, strange chunk of quantum matter—similar to how wriggling water molecules transform into a block of ice once they are chilled. These odd assemblages magnify otherwise hidden quantum-mechanical effects such as the wavelike nature of matter, making them visible at macroscales. Yet sometimes gravity’s pernicious influence can get in the way. Earthbound escapes from gravity’s hold involve subjecting BECs to free fall, usually for short spates inside tall drop towers or airplanes flying in parabolic arcs. https://lnkd.in/dya6B_Z

Day three
Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father, God the Holy, Holy, Holy. The understanding that Jesus is the light, the way and the truth with respect to the science of the photon or electromagnetism we know that light travels in straight lines. So the concept that Jesus is the light, the light coming from the Sun / Son of man. Sunlight originating from hydrogen (H), which travels in straight lines and contains an origin from a central source, but also has a right hand law of electromagnetism can be observed to have geometric righthandedness enables the connections to be made that hydrogen which is the first element in the periodic table is next to the origin of 0,0,0 (x, y, z) or the Holy, Holy, Holy (center point), in the geometry of the Cross in Euclidean geometry. It is also possible to consider the context of Einstein's equation E = Mc^2 in relation to it's rearrangement to c^2 = E/M where E is energy and M is magnetism and not matter so that makes sense that c which is light or electromagnetism is seen as an interaction at right angles of an electric field (E) and a magnetic field (M). The geometry of the cross is therefore able to be used in this context where light c comes out of the z dimension at the origin at 0,0,0 or the Holy, Holy, Holy in a balance of opposites where -c and c are light travelling in opposites directions away from each other, as shown in the image below.
Einstein geometry and light

Here we can see light c coming from a 45 degree angle between E being the y axis and M being the x axis, which provides a context in Einstein geometry that light originates at the right hand of the father or in this case the origin 0,0,0 or the Holy, Holy, Holy. The origin concept being the creator or God residing at the center of everything. So the idea that Jesus is the light, the way and the truth provides a scientific explanation that light originates from the center, the origin and is in a balanced symmetry of opposites when placed on the cross.

The quantum mechanical model is a wave particle duality concept of the double slit experiment. The video above is under a Nanosight of proteins isolated from whey which do the same thing as the double slit experiment. They are protein particles that create waves when they interact with light of the laser from the Nanosight instrument. This wave particle duality can be understood if you think an electron is a point light source that spins and the light is originates from the Planck zero point energy field. The waves are symmetrical and therefore the quantum model is based on symmetry in waves and my SUSY inversion model is also an approach to understand the field from the framework of the Planck epoch where there is no time at 10E-44 second, allowing the positioning based on geometry symmetry of the electrons and positrons in a logical approach without measurement as the universe as a system that occurs within one's own mind enabling it to be aligned to the external universe. The sided hemispheres of the brain controlling the opposite sides of the body enables the concept of a singularity within the mind and given sufficient time for the opportunity that the human will experience an alignment whereby one's life is at it's very center. From the center both forward and backward can be observed as the reflection of opposites just as the light within the atomic geometry of an atom can be observed to be inverted through the nucleus (the Holy, Holy, Holy) or singularity within an atom whereby the negative on one side is inverted to a positive on the other side. This balance where the zero point is at the center of the atom creates an understanding of symmetry and balance of opposites but depending on your position within this field your own objectivity affects your perspective of either positive or negative and yet both are the same if 180 degrees is used to look from the other perspective. In other words walk in the other person's shoes or see from the alternative viewpoint.   

He the father as I have spoken about previously resides in the concept of the SUSY inversion model where the origin of all electrons, positrons, neutrons and protons come from.
He the Father

Science has used one language which has created a barrier to provide an iconography that is accepted in that profession. It is full of symbols and terms that do make make sense to people who have not studied science at school or university. The inability to cross disciplines even within science itself has meant there are many barriers and silos where people work on one thing and in isolation and the small piece often is not placed into the context of the big picture. So here is the big picture and a framework in which science and religion and spirituality and alchemy can have an open dialogue to see that all points of the square are connected to make a face. In other words what even language you use all positions in a square are needed at equal distance to create four strong walls. Take one away and the other three will fall. The same is true at an atomic level where there are four walls. The three and one. Three quarks in the proton and one opposite charged electron and three quarks in the neutron and the opposite charged positron. The pairing that occurs between a positron and an electron is a photon of light. There are pairs of up and down quarks in the proton and neutron which provides the symmetry of opposites and the concept of photons of light within the atom itself. So the light within atoms in biology originates from hydrogen. Therefore the concept of through him, with him and in him and in the unity of the Holy Spirit everything is created in a Biblical context also makes sense in the biological context of the role of hydrogen in symmetry in quantum tunneling making atoms at the speed of light.

The helium He 4/2 Bose Einstein Condensate shown in the above image with 16 electrons, as a BCE only has one energy level, the ground state, and this means there is no contrast and there is no different in any of the electrons. We cannot measure it because if we do then we disturb that geometric symmetry within its structure and therefore destroy it. So measurement destroys what was there to produce something new that we can then see as our own sensory perception is limited in space time geometry of our own bodies and our consciousness is slow in comparison to the speed of light.

However, one can take a philosophical position and start with an assumption and then build a scientific framework around that which means that we can see what the outcome would be if that was the case and the law of physics that originate out of those assumptions and see if they can predict what has been measured and what has been observed through the act of measurement as has been produced by science and as the composition of the universe has been determined by science as 68% Dark energy, 27% Dark matter, and 5% matter my model as outlined in SUSY inversion has all of the features that make my unified field theory align with our known universe based on God being a BEC of helium. I was able to derive these numbers using my model of BEC of helium with 16 electrons through the emission of alpha particles. So you also commenced your life as a single egg fused with a sperm and our universe started as one sphere of liquid fluid an O. The concept of Holy. A circle. So in science the O symbol represents oxygen. As I have already established the H as the sun and the concept of the Holy Spirit is an electron. Bringing these three in one as a concept we get OH*, which is also known as the hydroxyl radical and the molecule that is responsible for turning cells back into CO2 and water and a part of the natural cell death process called apoptosis (pre-programmed cell death). 

The discovery of the photo-Fenton chemistry system in Manuka honey and the light based energy process to generate hydroxyl radicals was the basis for understanding how the Holy Spirit comes as softly as the dew falls. I used that understanding in the development of my topical spray when I isolated the royal jelly proteins from Manuka honey and put them into a water that can be delivered topically as a mist or a dew that uses light to deliver hydroxyl radicals or the Holy Spirit to enable people to have sufficient energy to help them heal themselves. The point of OH BEE HAVE empowering healing (EM being electromagnetism) and giving people the power of the Holy Spirit to heal themselves. Using light to to the photo-reduction of monoatomic iron coordinated to the aromatic ring of the antioxidants the bees have created a creation that makes light energy available in the body to enable transformational healing to occur. Take a look at the photo-Fenton chemistry under the microscope below.

The photo-Fenton system in Manuka honey has been captured and placed into a topical energy spray called OH BEE HAVE empowering healing by Dr Keryn Johnson (Quantum Technologies Ltd). This product brings together light, iron, phenolics and the major royal jelly proteins to stimulate the photo-Fenton chemistry generating 1200 electron volts in 1 nanosecond and what is responsible for turning biology back into CO2 and water and a natural part of our death and regeneration system within our bodies. Biology has this power to recycle itself. Night time biochemistry. I have found a key that unlocked the door to Love. Biology accumulates damage overtime and this results in aging. The hydroxyl radical breaks that biology back down to CO2 and water leading to cellular death and regeneration through recycling. 

Starting again in the physics of the body enables the geometric symmetry within the chemistry and then in the biology to come forward so that the biology is in an appropriate geometry to enable the passage of photons of light. Remember the right hand rule of electromagnetism that I spoke about. That has an atomic geometry that allows light to travel unimpeded within the body. This provides clarity within the body and enhancing the development of the rainbow light body. Understanding that each atom has a key within it. An atomic key based on the geometry of light within it that can be read from the Fraunhofer lines. These are spectral lines showing electron and positron transitions corresponding to the black lines within the rainbow spectrum. Each atom has its own missing lines. Each atom and its isotope forms has its own time keepers to enable signals of light to be sent from one part of the body to another. It is the monoatomic mineral system within our bodies that is responsible for sending light around to do a transfer of information from one place to another as the molecular crowding within cells is far too slow to enable long distance communication and the signals are sent via monoatomics and light through beta plus and beta minus decay processes.
beta decay process
The release of photons of light that the human retina observe at night as the light within our dreams provides a physics source based on restoring monoatomic symmetry within the subconscious minds physics of coordinated minerals. So hydrogen is added during the day and this light based memory formation of structure from quantum tunneling is then undone at night if the neurons formed is not a memory you want to keep and it can be broken down and released at night. The connection to the water body and short term memory is directly associated to where the hydrogen originates from water and the water is coming from biology of day time biochemistry and glycolysis, Krebs cycle and electron transport chain in the mitochondria where oxygen combines with hydrogen to form water and ATP. I see this as an internal water production system where the hydrogen and water (cross based symmetry structure and hexagram structural arrangements (ice crystals) provides an understanding of how water produced from food get created into structure via hydrogen and amine protonation into monoatomic mineral and the formation of various isotopes (unstable atoms), that release photons during decay processes. It is these photons that are sending signals around our bodies at the speed of light. So if you disrupt the light based signals in our bodies then disease is experienced.
If you consider the infinity symbol and the two sides to correspond to the symmetry within the two hemispheres of the human brain, then the comparative approach with electromagnetism with one's life in symmetry where you start at 0,0,0 and move into spring and the rising of the slope on the righthand side and then move into summer where you come back round to the center of your life back again at 0,0,0 and then you move through this center point and see the autumn and winter phases of life to again come back to 0,0,0 to begin again. The continuous death and rebirth experience occurring at the zero point 0,0,0. The center of one's life and the point which is half way through from which both side are considered in perfect symmetry and the point where quantum tunneling can occur. This center point everything can be observed and it is the singularity of the infinity structure where all is one. This atomic concept in the geometry of one's life and in relation to the atomic half lives of atoms is something that I have been considering due to the experience that I had at church back in 2013 where I experienced time travel and the images that I saw of future events in my life have come true so it was difficult to understand as a scientist what happened and even how I experienced such a profound spiritual healing but after taking 8 years to build a deeper understanding of the physics of biology and create a quantum biology framework, I have been able to come up with an understanding and belief that my model will stack up in a scientific robustness that is needed in order to explain the spiritual context and the scientific context in harmony.
One of the last pieces of the puzzle that I put together was the concept of 1. In the spiritual world there is a concept that we are all one. I discovered the BEC and the oneness, God, He the Father, liquid waters of the universe and the magic of 42 Hitch Hikers guide to the galaxy. I also considered that Heinsberg's uncertainty principle that an electron cannot occupy the same energy level or position in space and therefore it can only be one thing present at that location. That concept connects both science and spiritual understanding. Also the moment of my transformation I changed my quark numbering from adding fractions to multiplication of whole numbers -1 x +1 = -1 and my up quarks become -1 and my down quarks became +1 so I inverted everything because the symmetry of opposites is also at play in the atomic world through the zero (balanced inverted point of 0,0,0) within the nucleus. That last piece aligned my knowledge and showed me a doorway inward that opened up into the sphere of golden light within. This is the reason why I choose this pathway because I now know 100% of the universe. I have seen into my own future and encountered Christ on the cross and have developed a product that contains the Holy Spirit, the hydroxyl radical that does photo-Fenton chemistry and all aspects are connected and restored where my mind, body and Soul were reunited after being broken from the trauma from my childhood from my mother's death when I was 11. I share my story openly because it is seen my others in the medical profession as Bipolar or mental illness, however, the science that I do is regenerative medicine based on quantum biology using unified field theory. So until science shifts from the concept of 666 (carbon's 6 protons, 6 electrons and 6 neutrons) and the external physical world and moves to include the human sensory system and identifies the other 95% of dark matter and dark energy, that I have done then they will continue thinking in terms of mass rather than magnetism which is the atomic gravitational system at right angles that is responsible for holding Plancks together. I believe my model will one day be considered an alternative to the current standard model of physics where the singularity has been identified and Time travel is possible using the power of physics within our own minds using the process of alpha particle emission of monoatomic minerals coordinated to our neurotransmitters. This has the energy to completely break the 3D illusion and enable observations within the physics within the mind from that position of n=2 to n=1 and enabling a state of spiritual healing that is as natural as breathing and not considered as a mental illness as was my own experience in the current medical model that we have as our western model of health. 

The concept that we are salt and light in the Catholic faith is also shared in other esoteric teachings and within the Spiritual community. Slowly it appears that science can also confirm that this is the case when looking into the action of monoatomic minerals coordinated to enzymes within our bodies and the isotopes that are formed are the time keepers to determine the rate of reaction as well as the tune or wavelength at which that atom is working based on the Fraunhofer lines of the atoms.

Fraunhofer lines
The dark lines in the rainbow spectrum correspond to the atomic geometry of calcium and the transitions that the positron and electron pairings go through to create and interact with the photons that are missing as dark lines in the above spectrum as they are sent elsewhere in the universe and are used by the atom to do it's job in our body.

Science and spirituality can sit hand in hand if judgement is withheld. If you push then the opposite happens. If you move back the energy will do the opposite. The ability to see what is not there after using energy to observe what is and to appear when nothing was present to begin with are the illusions of time. All is always present and within but the invisible to be made visible one cannot measure but to close one's eyes and let everything be created from the nothing is to understand that no mass and no charge is observed in light. From this everything is created. Begotten and not created at least in my own personal case (Bee gotten by OH BEE HAVE empowering healing) the Holy Spirit enabled me to look differently at things that were not present because my conscious mind was too slow to see (c). Compared to the quantum light based super computer I have operating in my subconscious mind and knowing now how to gain access to it and operate it from the heart makes for a pleasurable journey.